Hmmmm…. How would I start this one? It’s been a month already since I was there, I mean at the Gossip Café. Let me take a minute and refresh my memory, as well as my experience in this place and how did I found this place.

60..59…58…57…56…55………….5…4…3…2…1… BOOM! Oh!!! So, here it is why I was there last month. Its Friday, I have no class and I am so bored at our apartment, while browsing in the internet some stuffs I can’t remember specifically what is that I am browsing, I decided to asked the help of GOOGLE SEARCH where are the good places to hangout here in Baguio City. Then one of the places recommended by another blog site is this place, the Gossip Café. Another reason why I’d choose to go to this place that day is that I already saw where this café is even though I’ve never been there before since I just passed it by everytime I go to Pink Sisters Church.

So after searching and everything, I already fixed my reviewer and other stuff that I will bring with me to that place, those stuffs that would serves as my buddy at that time. And in less than half an hour I was already in front of Gossip Café.

Upon entering the place it’s just like you are entering in somebody’s house but I guess it’s really a house turned into a café. It has its garden where you can freely smoke if you wished too, but if you are not a smoker like me then I guess you would prefer to stay inside since it is more peaceful and a little bit far from the noise of those vehicles passing by. So there, I stayed inside the café so that I can have an intimate moment with my Taxation reviewer.

Before I start reviewing, I ordered Cold Caramel Macchiato to quench my thirst and their fruity cake with almond to satisfy my sweet tooth. But wait, I have an unforgettable moment in this place, the moment I place my order I was a bit scared and shock because of their Halloween display. For me it’s kinda creepy to saw like this specially if you’re alone and you’ve never been into this place before. It’s funny though after I realized that November is fast approaching and that is why Halloween stuff is all around again.

-Cold Caramel Macchiato

-Fruit Cake with Almond

(This Halloween display of Gossip Cafe freaks me out..well a little..this made me even search where the head of this person is…funny isn’t it?)

After an hour of reading I felt thirsty still, so I ordered another kind of drink, I tried then their best seller in Italian Soda and that is their Fruity Tutti Italian Soda. For me, it’s far taste better than my first order. Why? Well, maybe I am not that really fond of strong coffee drink, yes I am a coffee lover but only the mild one. The Caramel Macchiato has a strong taste of coffee where I cannot even taste the caramel in it.

-Fruity Tuttie Italian Soda

Before the clock ticks to 5:30 pm my friend texted me and told me that she want to hangout with me, so while waiting for her I ordered again another drink and this time I tried their “a must try drink” the Mixed Berries Smoothie. Well, hmmmmm, it’s the fruity tutti Italian soda I loved the most from those three sets of drinks I ordered that day. They called it mixed berries but I can’t really taste the berries.

-Mixed Berries Smoothie

When my friend arrived, she ordered their Coconut Almond Cheesecake (which at first I thought it is a chocolate cheesecake…haha) since she is a cheesecake lover, but when she tasted it she’s kinda disappointed since her sweet tooth cravings is not really satisfied.

-Coconut Almond Cheesecake

Despite such a little bit disappointments, we still enjoy one’s company and we still enjoy our stay there specially our chit-chat moments. But I think I will surely go back to this place again since its ambiance is inviting enough to someone like me who is looking to a place where I can have intimate moments with my reviewers and notes. Aside from that the owner is kind enough to warmly welcome you in their place. It’s not a waste of time and money at all to be in this place. By the way, thank you Gossip Café for accommodating me and letting me stay in your place for almost six hours I guess.

And to those who want to have a gossip experience, Gossip Café is located at 76 Upper General Luna Road, Baguio City.


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                November 7, 2014. The day we met again. Who? Of course my Bestfriend, my sister, MY ATE, but wait we are not related by blood but for us we’re sisters by heart. She’s back again where she belong, her only home, BAGUIO CITY. So here it goes… WELCOME HOME ATE!

We never saw each other for almost 2 months for she need to go down to Manila and took the most difficult exam in the Philippines, I guess: THE BAR EXAMINATION.

Oh well enough of that, so here, we set a date as we always do before. She’s my companion at all times before, but now, I guess we need to separate ways for sometimes and focus on our own priorities in life. We decided to go to Café Escuela just across of SLU Maingate. Café Escuela is located at 2nd basement of Halili Building. We’ve been here before but the café was known before as La Café Masan.

Café Escuela is a new establishment and owned by a Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate (if my memory doesn’t fail me). Café Escuela has a mixed and unique concept. Somewhat like a modern café and at the same time painting gallery because of those fantastic paintings hang on the wall. It has a good ambiance and an ambiance which I do not know but there is something in here that invites you to come over and take some relaxing moment. I guess the colours used in here are one of the reasons why, it is so colourful in here as if you’re in a rainbow town. There’s a lot of stuff that can help you enjoy your moment in this place either your alone, with your date or with your friends. There’s a good books/magazines to read, likewise there’s a lot of board games you can play with, with your friends.

As to their menu, well, it’s kinda unique as well because of the names, such as campus hottie (my order), test pepper, which I think they used such name since their target market are the students, (my Ate’s order) and the like. The names are not just unique but also the taste is so unique and not that similar to those we have tasted before. The herbs used in their menu are very strong that plays in your tongue that is why you we’re really going to enjoy every bite you take. Their drinks as well taste kinda different for you can really taste the ingredients they used and you would probably enjoy every sip as well.

-Campus Hottie

-Test Pepper

-Tribe Moka

-Taro Yogurt Milk Tea


-Raspberry Italian Soda

The staffs here are accommodating and friendly, especially the owner for he really makes sure that you enjoy your visit in his café. He even gave us an on the house treat. Thank you for the rocky road crepes. In fairness it’s delicious!

-RockyRoad Crepes

Our experience here is kinda different as well, whatever it is I’ll choose to leave it at Café Escuela. One of the best experiences we ever had. Just like their menus and the place itself, our whole experience is so unique and incomparable. Thanks Café Escuela!


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                CAKE PALACE. One of my favourite places to hang out with here in Baguio City. Not just because of the place but those cupcakes they served. Their cupcakes are fabulous, fantastic, amazing, delicious and…well any adjective you may think of. It’s taste like heaven especially their red velvet. It’s the best red velvet for me so far.

-Red Velvet Cupcake

-Cookies ‘n Cream Cupcake

-Green Tea Macha Cupcake

One time, when I stopped here just to unwind they don’t serve red velvet cupcake that time, that is why I tried their rainbow cake. Hmmmm…. Rainbow Cake! Well yes! It is indeed a rainbow cake, so colourful. So mouth-watering cake. So pleasing to the eyes. Then I tried their fruity flora tea which I think complements with each other. So I guess I got the perfect combination that day! And because of that my day seems to be complete.

-Rainbow Cake

-Fruity Flora Tea

Cake Palace is located at Unit 4A-2 Puso ng Baguio, Porta Vaga Bldg. along Session Road, Baguio City.


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Are you a book lover or one of your hobbies is reading books or a collector of a book? However you don’t have that sufficient fund to satisfy your cravings for book (hahaha…just like how you crave your favourite food) well I might help you where you can find and be an impulsive buyer in just a snap of your fingers.

One time I accompanied my friend to buy books, all along I thought we’re going to buy books at the national bookstore but then suddenly I wondered because we’re not heading to the national bookstore rather we’re heading to a different direction and TAAADAAAAA, she brought me here at BOOKENDS. BOOKENDS is located at basement of UCPB Building, corner Calderon Street.

When we entered the place I got amused because I’m surrounded by books, a lot of books. It seems like we are at the heaven of books not only that, books here are far cheaper than those books bought at national bookstore. Aside from that books here are all in good condition. Oh well it is true that books here are second hand books but who cares if you’re a book lover, right?

(Photos were taken during their sale/clearance period. New stocks of books were coming this Sunday, November 9, 2014)

Bookends also sell books through internet and wherever you are they will find ways to safely deliver your books to you, that’s how special they treat their customers. Oh by the way here is their facebook page if you’re interested. 😉 https://www.facebook.com/bookends.baguio?fref=ts

Bookends for me is a good place to buy cheaper and in good conditions book. Likewise, the owner of bookends cares you the same way they cares about their books. And if you will see other reviews, all their customers are so H-A-P-P-Y! Where else can you find a place like BOOKENDS, nowhere I guess! Another happy customer here!


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I Was There: Café Will Resto And Bar

                CAFÉ WILL, this is one of the best places I will always look forward to go back to. Why? Because it has a good food, good drinks, good bands plus good ambiance for the reason that you can drinks all you want while having chitchat with your friends. Not a typical restobar, well, kinda sossy one but still I guess the price is reasonable enough in exchange of the experience you will have while you’re in here.

Café Will is located at #11 M.H del Pilar Legarda Road, Baguio City .

One of my favourite here is their margarita drinks, I don’t know why but I enjoy drinking it. It’s just like it gives me a satisfaction for all my cravings. I tried though their other drinks with alcohol content but this is I will always prefer to drink, margarita. This is love for me. =)

-Original Margarita

-Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri

-Red Margarita

-Kiss of Fire

-Black Russian



As to their food, it’s really delicious and satisfying. You will go home really full and satisfied.

-Clubhouse Sandwich

-Cafe Will’s Nachos

And of course if you want to sober up, they also serve hot drinks here, such as coffee, tea and the like.

Really a perfect place to hangout. =)


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My friend from Manila came and visits me here in Baguio City. She asked me if I knew where is that Café Yagam is, but I’m sorry I really don’t know where is that place and I told her it’s my first time to hear that café. Then she told me try to locate where is that place and we’re going to have are coffee date there. So here I am again asking for the help of some friends and of course the GOOGLE MAP.  Then poop! Café Yagam is located at #25 J. Felipe St., Gibraltar, Baguio City. Actually if you’ve been to Elizabeth Hotel, its a few step away from there.

Basing from their informational booklet, “Café Yagam sources its coffee beans from Cordillera Green Network (CGN), an environmental non-profit organization. In 2006, CGN introduced coffee as cash crop in their partner communities in the Cordillera as part of their agro-forestry advocacy. Farmers in Kibugan, Cord, Kabayan, Tublay and Kapangan, Benguet and in Kadaklan Mt. Province offered the use of their farmlands. In turn, CGN provided them with coffee seedlings plus workshops on how to grow and tend the coffee plants. In 2009, after three years, the farmers began harvesting coffee beans/berries, processing them into green beans and selling them back to CGN for grading and roasting. The roasted and ground coffee beans are packed and sold locally and some are exported abroad. The revenues help maintain their other projects like green scholarship and environmental education programs.”— And that’s the reason why their coffee tastes so great because it were freshly made by them. Two thumbs up really or five stars to their coffee.

My friend and I tried their best-seller coffee which is the roast medium coffee and their Japanese green tea. And as to their pasta we tried pesto (capellini) and bilis shitake pasta. They told us that their servings for food were good only for one person but when they served it, it’s like…oh…heaven…it’s just like a food served for two persons and that’s the reason why we didn’t eat all that were served to us as much as we want to eat it all till the last strand of pasta but we really can’t since we are really full. I love pesto but I enjoyed and I love most their bilis shitake pasta since it’s new to me aside from that the pasta they used is not the usual one used by Italians since the pasta were made and processed by them. It tastes better than other pasta for me.

Oh, as to the ambiance of the place well, it’s just like you are at home sitting and enjoying every sip of your coffee or tea. You can really feel at home in this place. A good place to read books as well as to write novels for the reason that it’s quiet and you would really be inspired to write novels, to chat with your friends or simply to relax and want to escape from the crowded place in the City. You would love to go and stay in this place for a while during night time I guess since they have a fire place that will warm you up from the cool breeze of those pine trees around you.

Try to visit this place if by any chance you visit Baguio, they just don’t offer coffee but they also offer a lot more of Cordilleran delicacies.


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I Was There: SECRET GARDEN Resto and Cafe


Last October 2, the day the world welcomes me in this wonderful place, since it is already my 25 years of existence in this world, I challenged myself to go to a place where I’ve never been before and I should go there all by myself. And, challenge accepted! So here I am, the most famous Secret Garden here in Baguio City. It is located at  . Maybe for some it is really a new place here in Baguio City, just like me. Again I’ve known this place through a friend. And thanks to the help of Google Map also for leading me here. 

This place is compared by my friend to heaven because according to her it is so quiet and you can really smell the scent of the pine trees, hence really a relaxing place. Because of that I am pleased to go and try this place. And since I need a break from the polluted, noisy and crowded place in the City as well as a break from stress given by the school activities to me, I decided to go here on my special day. Surprisingly, when I arrived here at the Secret Garden, it is really inviting to come and visit the place. Upon entering the garden, it really amazes me and it feels like I am walking above the clouds, sounds’ exaggerating but that is what I really felt that day.

I don’t feel like eating pasta, pizza or even rice that day so I ordered chicken sandwich and cookies ‘n cream smoothies top with ice cream. These dish is delicious and there is something in the sandwich which I cannot identify what taste is that but when you taste it you can’t stop from eating it until you are satisfied and discover that taste, but in my case I really can’t identify that but it taste like a milk, a sweetened milk which really adds an extra point to me. And as to the cookies ‘n cream smoothies, it is just like a drink of an angel. And even if I’m alone, I feel like I’m filled with sweetness in me.

And the finale, which I really want to treat myself with this, a margarita! My all-time favourite ever since I tasted it. Green apple margarita is so far the best margarita I’ve tasted. I loved it most than the red margarita I’ve tasted before.

And oh! By the way Secret Garden is not only a resto and café shop but it will also accommodate you if you don’t have a place to stay here in Baguio City. Secret Garden also has its Hotel.

Thank you Secret Garden for letting me feel so special on my special day! This memory will remain for me forever because I’ve done something new and I’ve experienced something new in this place. I was there alone, not only that, I felt like I’ve accomplished something while I am enjoying and exploring the world all by myself and I love that!

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